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Our objective is always been the one to guarantee the best quality to the client using techniques of work and equipment always more advanced and innovative, and also using all the necessary material to restore every car and bring it back to the original condition, down to the very last detail. We always try to offer accurate, punctual and professional services.

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Vintage car’s restoration

Since 1996 our body shop offers a service of restoration, preservative or complete, for every model of vintage car branded Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and many others. We do work of manufacture, typing, leveling, smoothing of the car’s body and also of all the accessories and the spare parts if they are required. So we proceed with a complete work of painting, internal and external of the car, with its original colors. Usually we found these colors by spectrometry or in the original sample cases we own (related to different factories). After all we proceed with the complete assembly of the car and to the finishing phase. This process can change if the client decides to complete the restoration of the mechanics, the wiring and the upholstery with us. Every phase is combined with an accurate research of photographic material; this to reproduce faithfully every single detail.
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Spare parts

We have available a lot of catalogues of original spare parts for vintage cars and a rich documentation that give us the possibility to manufacture what we can’t find, missing and damaged parts for every model of car. By demand we can manufacture spare parts using an example.

Upholstery’s restoration

We can offer also a service of upholstery’s restoration in the total respects of the original colors and materials. To better accomplish to this mission we use an important amount of original sample cases and a team of professional collaborators that allow us to bring the car’s inside in its original state.

Mechanics and electrical system’s restoration

If required by the client, our body shop offers also a service of mechanics and electrical system restoration. All the instruments, cables and materials used respect the age of car’s construction. From the phase of inspection, to the test and to the calibration of the instruments, in the manufacture or replacement of the necessary spare parts, the objective is always to bring the car to its original state.

Advice, reseach and evaluation

If required by the client, the owners of the body shop offer a service of consultation and they make their experience available to evaluate conditions and possible timing and costs for a restoration of different models of car.

Support for competiotions and events

For our clients, if they decide to participate in the main events with their cars, we offer assistance for the registration, for the preparation of the documents required and also for the stay’s booking. Furthermore, if it’s required, we can offer assistance also during the events.


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