Vintage car’s restoration

Since 1996 our body shop offers a service of restoration, preservative or complete, for every model of vintage car branded Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and many others. We do work of manufacture, typing, leveling, smoothing of the car’s body and also of all the accessories and the spare parts if they are required. So we proceed with a complete work of painting, internal and external of the car, with its original colors. Usually we found these colors by spectrometry or in the original sample cases we own (related to different factories). After all we proceed with the complete assembly of the car and to the finishing phase. This process can change if the client decides to complete the restoration of the mechanics, the wiring and the upholstery with us. Every phase is combined with an accurate research of photographic material; this to reproduce faithfully every single detail.


Depending on the different kind of restoration required, every phase of body work (from the disassembly to the manufacture of a part of the car or of an accessory, to the restoration of damaged parts, to the pre-assembly of the car with all its accessories) is carefully documented and combined to an important phase of research. This process to reproduce, to the very last detail, the car as it was in origin.


From the complete painting of the car to the painting of only one part of it, our objective is always been the one to realize a work very well done to preserve the color as long as possible. From the application of the epoxy primer, to the stucco work, to the polyester smoothing, to the internal and external painting, to the polishing, every phase is carefully documented and combined to an important phase of photographical and historical research to be sure we’re using the exact colors and materials as in origin.


Take pictures in every phase of the work help us during the assembly phase, where we complete the car with its accessory and spare parts. These are really important for the following phases of mechanics, wiring and upholstery, if they are required.


In this last phase, we control the car to be sure it’s complete and perfectly functioning. The objective is to restore the car in the best way possible, to let it participates in every concourse of elegance or dedicated event, if the client wants it.